The Bespoke experience at "Priya Chhabria" is a metamorphic one. Every Garment starts its journey as a notion. A design eager to be realized. The fabric swatches selected, the embellishment finalised, and measurements meticulously noted during the initial consultation serve as mere mascent curation of what is to come.

Thereafter, customized patterns, drafted from scratch, must be carefully cut, carefully intricately embellished by hand and painstakingly hand stitched to construct the rudimentary silhouette of the garment

  If you are visiting the store in Mumbai, you may make an appointment with Priya and she will design a new garment just for you according to your requirement. However if you are not able to visit and would like to order online, For custom made orders online:


1. Please send an email to our customer service department on detailing all your requirements, the more information you provide the better e.g. image of an outfit you like, price budget , colour(s) etc.


2. Priya along with her design team will put together a design in tune with your requirements.


3. A price quote and detailed outfit specification will be emailed to you.


4. Upon agreement on price and design, we will let you know when you will receive your outfit.


5. An order form will be sent to you for you to fill in all your measurements and confirm the order.


6. After signing the order form and making payment all you have to do is look forward to receiving a beautiful outfit.